Lock, Loaded & Lucky


As women we hold our own
and look good doing it for the most part
BUT there is definitely something
to be said for a woman who is prepared.
Prepared to defend her home, children, man
or stand up for what she believes in.
Women this is a message to
take defense classes, boxing training or
get your gun permit in your city.
There will be a day that any or all of
these things will come in handy!


P.S. this is is NO way a message conveying the
“we don’t need a man” vibe because a real woman
KNOWS that she needs a man whether she wants him or not.
(my opinion of course, this is missy-b.com btw)

Would you ride for me?


In a world full of flighty people
who are afraid of commitments
we all seek one thing…
Someone who is there
through thick & thin
through rain or shine…
is something that Future asks in his new song
Now when you find this lady gentlemen make sure you
HOLD her down
TREAT her right
be eachothers safety net
and remember that somedays will be better than others..



He kisses me on the back of my neck
He waits for me
She caresses the parts that hurt me the most
She makes little sacrifices that make big differences
He shares his pie
He stops what he is doing and assists me
She makes me my favorite treats
She encourages me when I least expect it
He watches me as I put on my makeup
He saves the last piece for me
She looks at me and speaks with her eyes
She lets me be me
He surprises me with my favorite things
He prayed for me when I was doubtful
She reassures me that I am hers
She watches the game with me
He lets me choose where to go
He kisses me on the back of the neck

Fashion. Art. Music = FAM