basquitRadiant Child

We have dreams, desires
We put forth effort and energy
But do we ever know what impact we have
Does a person really have to die to be honored or respected
for who he or she is?
Some of us swim upstream some swim with the flow
but those who are courageous enough to be
themselves, be different or dare to pursue their
are the real
those who stand for what they believe, create and give back to
but in the process we doubt, we give up, we stop swimming
only to realize we had it all along
or rarely anyone wants to praise the ones that are different
because they are envious
jealousy because they didn’t dare reach for the
or do what makes them truly
~Missy B~

Piece of Love…

Love is the only experience that replaces fear.
Peace is the result.
Love is the experience of taking in the breath of life,
without fear.
Peace is the result.
When you know that you handle all things in love,
Peace is the result.
When you love yourself through every experience,
without any fear about where you are going,
Peace is the result.
Peace is the helpmate of love.
When you commit yourself to loving all and
doing all in love,
Peace takes care of everything else.
~I. Vanzant

Slight Imperfections

You might not see it…
But I do.
I earned it.
Damn near killed myself.
Didn’t seem much at the time.
Thought it would have gone away by now.
But years later.
I see it.
Do you?
Or is it just me?
We sometimes fuss over imperfections.
But isn’t it those things that gives us character?
It’s about 2 inches.
And 20 years later it still looks at me.
I earned it.
Damn near killed myself.
Do you see it?
Or is it just me… ?
~ Missy B

Happy CoCo Day

coco is

is one tough lady who has survived decades in a world
not so friendly but it goes to show if a woman is determined, consistent than

Coco Chanel held the title CHIEF DESIGNER until the day she passed
in 1971 but her road wasn’t always an easy stroll.
When she returned to the fashion world the people of Paris snubbed her due to her ties
as a spy with the Nazi’s (code name was Westminster)
but the British and Americans welcomed her and are still her most loyal customers.
She lived at the Hotel Ritz for almost 30 years… and on her last day
she had took a long drive and went to bed early not feeling well.
But whats admirable about Ms. Coco is she held the same schedule / routine
until she passed at 87 yrs old.


I was going through my old hard drive and came across this cluster of photos from my friend Sha’s
bike club from Brooklyn. Anyone that knows me knows I love motorcycles in all shapes and sizes… from street to hog. It’s a club, a team, a family and their weapons are in the shape of two wheels, a roaring engine and a unique life. Some are dangerous, some are community oriented, some for show, some for real but for whatever reason
they chose the life while some are born into it.


bike bike2 bike3 bike4 bike5 bike6



bowJean is becoming even more and more popular and especially
the creative aspects it brings from spikes, chains, bleach and safety pins.
Bowties use to be left just for the lawyers, Ivy League Grads and the occasional nerd until the geeks took over. The geeks have become popular so of course you had to add the flair to the brain powers of the cutting edge fashionistas! These jean bowties have been customized
uniquely and obviously dying for an outfit to match… denimbow



Now that you know I like BOWTIES…
I saw this DIY video by Cool Irpa on how to add a bow to your
jean pockets, which she did on a pair of jeans
from the thrift store…
and you could use any fabric if you wanted to add
a little more than just denim.


float live
You cannot erase the past; you must let it go.
You cannot change yesterday; you must accept the lessons learned.
You cannot stop time or stand still in a world racing around in circles;
you must dance with the wind and sing with the songs that are playing.
Let whatever mistakes you have made remain in the shadows of times gone by,
and let love be the answer to the mysteries of life.
~~ Author Unknown ~~


IMG_2024 IMG_2026

of my favorite past times is
feeling the music, looking at the covers,
discovering new sounds, artists and musicians.
but more of a virtual crate digger who appreciates vinyl and
overall especially in it’s original format.
We just don’t listen to music the same anymore since the internet
took over so I try very hard to keep it pure.
Leaving the computer screen, getting out of the chair and thumbing
through the music is one of the best feelings ever.
I highly suggest getting lost one day… and if you know of a record
store, stop in and BUY something before you leave…
that you can’t live w/o.

Fashion. Art. Music = FAM