defjam missy
or should I say the new DEFJAM?
Last night I stopped by the launch party of the new site of one of hip hop’s favorite labels.
From QuestLove to Clinton Sparks the tables stayed lit all night..
and the vibe was chill even though it was over 100 degrees outside.
Sponsored by REMY which I saw most drinking out of branded foam cups brought to you by Hiphop Friends and there were some wooden Def Jam iphone cases floating around. I guess nothing for the Galaxy users.. lol
Needless to say….it was great to see old faces, meet some new faces and make new business connects. Even though most I met thought I worked for DefJam I let em know it was all about FemaleFlow! I always find the “vibe” of an event interesting and what makes an event work or not work. Most have no idea what it takes to make an event successful and that goes beyond just a “party”. There is number behind everything. But no matter how good or bad, I always choose to have fun and introduce myself to at least 3 people before I leave.
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