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Eternal Love

The 6000 year old kiss found in Hasanlu, Iran

Do you believe in the power
Of everlasting love
We can make it if we stay together
Our love is just enough

Promise me this forever
We’ll always stay this way
We can start at the end of time
And do it all again

Oh my love
I’m all yours
And there will never be another one
‘Cause I’m eternally yours
My heart’s a flame
And it’s burning in your name
Even through the sands of time
My love will always grow
And I won’t let go

No matter if you’re near or far
Our bond will never break


~ Micheal Learns to Rock


hearbrokeHow do you treat your self?
How do you share with others?
How do you show others how you fee?
How do you listen to a friend?
How do you make someone else feel good?
What does it take for you to love?
Do you love yourself?
Really love yourself?

Make sure you take care of yourself
Make sure you take care of your loved ones…
Make sure you take care of the human race…
whether you know them or not!

Don’ suffer and don’t let others suffer.

A little more LOVE


Don’t be afraid to take the initiative.
Don’t be afraid to put your heart on the table.
Don’t be afraid to show just how much you love someone.
Not just for your lover but for you mom, dad, mentor, friend…
A dinner or lunch made with love along with words of encouragement.
comes in many ways and the world needs a little bit
so just extend a hand, share your pain, give more hugs
and remember to smile. A smile could be a mood changer.
A gesture could save someones day even a life… so many people
feel they are alone with no options.
Let them know
they are not
alone but we are all in this
~Missy B~

This is not an act…

warrior women

Everyday is a new day
Each day a war is at bay

And they ask are you okay?

Somedays I feel

Somedays dont seem real

As I carry this sword of steel

Walking through the battlefield

Tryin to emotionally rebuild

What has been destroyed

My heart torn apart

Another fight is about to start

As I use the last piece of my heart

Swinging my sword at them

One goes down, my friend

This battle I want to end

A message of hope I send

To my friend who had my back

Now gone pain I retract

This is not an act

My heart I just want it back.


Missy B aka VS7
Today being my bornday… I wanted to share something personal with you.

a piece from a girl…

by Missy B
we are creatures who can say something with nothing but
we are creatures with habits and likes that help but also bring
we are creatures whose faces don’t always say the truth in our hearts
we are creatures who lounge all day and expect to get paid
we are creatures who sometimes stink but try to hide it
we are creatures who play games but may lie to win
we are creatures who allow things to happen for reason unknown
we are creatures who want to be on top but don’t always know how
we are creatures who buy without hesitation but have no monies
we are creatures
we are creatures
we are creatures
photo by pet owner: Nicole A.

Little Girl Lost


Little girl riding a bike in the middle of the night
From boredom to stress she moves out of fright
You can’t detect it on her face she hides all of that
he heard the sound a block away click-clack
Her mothers up the way at the crack house spot
Only diggin deeper the blunts to slow her thoughts
Unconscience of her surroundings her future even bleeker
Daddy never raised her to be a knowledge seeker
Never stopping time to free up her mind
Wool over her eyes never realize she been walking blind
by Missy B

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Piece of Love…

Love is the only experience that replaces fear.
Peace is the result.
Love is the experience of taking in the breath of life,
without fear.
Peace is the result.
When you know that you handle all things in love,
Peace is the result.
When you love yourself through every experience,
without any fear about where you are going,
Peace is the result.
Peace is the helpmate of love.
When you commit yourself to loving all and
doing all in love,
Peace takes care of everything else.
~I. Vanzant

Slight Imperfections

You might not see it…
But I do.
I earned it.
Damn near killed myself.
Didn’t seem much at the time.
Thought it would have gone away by now.
But years later.
I see it.
Do you?
Or is it just me?
We sometimes fuss over imperfections.
But isn’t it those things that gives us character?
It’s about 2 inches.
And 20 years later it still looks at me.
I earned it.
Damn near killed myself.
Do you see it?
Or is it just me… ?
~ Missy B

Would you ride for me?


In a world full of flighty people
who are afraid of commitments
we all seek one thing…
Someone who is there
through thick & thin
through rain or shine…
is something that Future asks in his new song
Now when you find this lady gentlemen make sure you
HOLD her down
TREAT her right
be eachothers safety net
and remember that somedays will be better than others..