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He kisses me on the back of my neck
He waits for me
She caresses the parts that hurt me the most
She makes little sacrifices that make big differences
He shares his pie
He stops what he is doing and assists me
She makes me my favorite treats
She encourages me when I least expect it
He watches me as I put on my makeup
He saves the last piece for me
She looks at me and speaks with her eyes
She lets me be me
He surprises me with my favorite things
He prayed for me when I was doubtful
She reassures me that I am hers
She watches the game with me
He lets me choose where to go
He kisses me on the back of the neck


I can feel the melody inside of me
Flowing through my hands
Jumping through my chest
Bumpin in my brain brain brain
It’s no obsession, it’s an addiction
Can’t live without it, cuz it helps with my emotions
When I’m sad, it gives me a smile
And when I’m down it helps me forget the hurt
Just the sound is so captivating
I just can’t help but groove to the music
When I hear it, I can feel it
It’s something that became part of me
Just the bass, piano and strings
Creates a melody that makes you feel good
So much passion, so much life
There’s only one way to describe how I feel and it’s I’m in love
I’m in love with music
I’m in love with music
I’m in love with music
I’m in love with music
Love it when it’s bumpin
Cuz it flows right in my system
I just can’t help it cuz
I can feel it
I’m in love with music

image: QuestLove

Beauty, Magic & Mystery

All that lives of legendary,
Beauty, magic, mystery,
Gentleness and purity,
Dwells in me.
I no mate, no kin, have known;
None may claim me as his own;
One is one, and all alone,
It must be.
Through their weariness and woe
Men have sometimes seen me go,
Felt a wind from Eden blow
Though they hunt with spear and horn,
Knowing life cannot be borne
If they have no unicorn–
I am free.
Though they kill, and weep to see
Beauty’s symbol ended be–
One is one and lives in me
To eternity.
–Nicholas Stuart Gray
photo taken at BurningMan


dough n misy
Stack Or Starve Approved Owner & Founder Alongside SOS Partner
& CEO of Female Flow – Missy B!
It was good to be hostess to the Chi’s highest demanded man right now as we bbq’ed, handled BI, poured it out, ate it up, rooftop to clubs and back to the business… we GOT it IN!
The movements are undeniable and even though you might not “see” us, we are here and working hard not only supporting indie artists but building a brand.

REPOST: 11-11-12 Her name was Sandy

So as you all can see there has been limited posts on here…
I had no electricity or internet for a while but I will not complain
as many more have had less. Shot out to my peoples in Coney Island
who lost everything and I am slowly collecting things to give to them.
The time away has given me an opportunity to break away from the regular life
of social networking (even though I still had twitter and IG on my phone, limited) but
with no electricity, no internet and no phone for a few days definitely puts
life into a dark but very eye opening light.
I am so thankful for the little things in life like my daughter, my health and the warmth of a clean shower… come to think of it these are some BIG things.
Above is a photo of Jersey City the night of Sandy before it hit and there was a scary peacefulness in the air. My daughter and I walked the dog that evening and the winds were definitely whipping things up as trees had already started to fall. The park looked almost haunting and it was crazy to see what was lying in the streets, sidewalks and yards as random things took flight. Nature is a beautiful, amazing thing that can be a little intimidating to say the least.
We are but a tiny spot on the planet…
I pray for those who are still going through the after effects from the storm


old laugh

So I saw this photo on FB
and it got me thinking….
How long have these ladies known eachother?
What were they “smoking”?
Do they laugh together everyday?
What has kept them alive and young?
They look happy, what is the driving force behind the smiles?
I can imagine life long lived if you surround yourself with happiness, peace, joy, good friends and I know many say that weed brings people together but if it is tobacco I just don’t see these women living this long. Needless to say, it must be a beautiful thing to be able to smile after it all with a friend knowing that no matter what happens you are ready to embrace it.



Best Dressed of the evening was the father himself….
SUPA TC aka TC IZLAM aka Founder of Hipstep
was running a muck but had time to give me a much needed hug
and then I got a chance to flick it up with
after she rocked the tables to open up the
Anniversary Party


She came out in style
and grace
as she brings her international energy


then DJ POWER hit
the tables to


and had to get ONE MORE
before he left us
headed back WEST
>>HIPSTEP<< zulu5

I had a great night seeing some of my family, friends, aliens & favorite
hiphop acts like the Cold Crush Brothers who did not miss a beat, lyric or dance move
They talked about catching the Cold Crush Ghost… I believed em after that performance.
Melle Mel gave them a spectular show as Hiphops General in his sharp attire…

Night was hosted by the legendary and strong Queen Ms. Roxanne Shante
and giving prizes to the winners of random challenges like
and see who finishes first

and I appreciated being able to again be in the building with some
like Afrikka Baambaataa, DJ Jazzy  Jay, Fearless Four, DJ Jazzy Joyce, Dougie Fresh, Greg Nice, Joe Ski, Little Fame, Coke La Rock, Rahiem, Fantastic 5, Grand Master Dee, Rodney C, Lakim Shabazz, Whoo Kid, Jazzy 5, Cheryl The Pear, Pow Wow, Johnny Wa, Jazzy G, Cutman LG, Dr. Shaka & one of my favorite people