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Cassow wants to get wealthy, do you?

Based out of Portland, Oregon this young hustler who released Cold Winter as well as 3 other mixtapes has taken his savings and opened up a Chicken & Waffle spot with & for his family which I think is super dope! Cassow recently inspired by TRIBE GVNG’s  Let’s Get Wealthy ft. Su Bviley & Cvse, decided to do his own version and brought Felicia Taylor to sing the hook what was a missing element from the original song. I promise you will put it on replay…

The Attempt to Remember DJ Jam Master Jay

Came across a story by J.R. Gramble 
and thought I would share…
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 MTV Video Music Awards 1985

Being from Queens, growing up immersed in the infant stages of this explosive hip-hop culture, it was natural for me to write a piece celebrating the life of JMJ, the unlimited boundaries of his musical influence, and how his mere presence symbolized a brighter future for any young African-American kid with a dream and drive. Living in Queens gave you direct access to those larger than life stars plastered on the walls of my bedroom. You might see them at the barbershop with their Pathfinder parked outside. Or the fish spot posted up by their 5-series Beamer.

Run DMC was the first mega act I saw in concert at Brooklyn’s Beacon Theatre back in 1986. My aunt took me to a show featuring them, New Edition and Shannon. And thanks to dudes like JMJ, superstardom was a realistic aspiration in Jamaica, Queens. But love for him wasn’t just an around the way thing. Back in the 80s, for kids in places like McCook, Nebraska, Des Moines, Iowa and Jackson, Mississippi; guys like JMJ were superheroes, with images in magazines and on TV screens. His adoration nationwide was massive, but nothing like the love he gets back home.

Queens, NY is one of the original breeding grounds of hip-hop. Its infectious sound penetrates human souls and conquers barriers all over the world. Throughout its history, DJ’s and rappers from the Queens area range in prominence from up-and-coming newbies to legendary pioneers of the game, like Run DMC and Jam Master Jay.

Although JMJ was born in Brooklyn, he moved to Hollis at the age of 10. Adopted as one of Queens’ own, by 13 he was talented enough to DJ on live party sets. And as fate would have it, JMJ met Joseph “Run” Simmons and Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels after they graduated high school. He agreed to DJ for them because he wanted to be down with a band, any band that could utilize his ability to play various instruments. But he wasn’t just a formidable third leg. In the 2008 documentary 2 Turntables and a Microphone, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons calls him, “The leader of Run DMC and the Hollis crew.”

(excerpt: read more HERE)

#NewMovie – Kung Fu Bum featuring K. Gaines


So I love what I do. I love most people. I love music.
But I love when it all comes together.
Last Sunday on my show Sex & Politics which airs Sunday nights on
I had guest K. Gaines and Deep from 2HungryBros to talk about
Rumspringa: The Wildman Chronicles and the new indie movie
and boy was the interview interesting.
We talked about everything from being independent to K. Gaines journey from the group Sleepwalkas to now and played some dope music videos in the process.

The people with the most creativity are the ones that society looks at as a little crazy or “off” but it’s those that intrigue me the most.  K. Gaines is grounded, genuine and fun… which is a great combo and hard to find amongst todays artists. Most as some say are paper thin but not in this case.  Others say HIPHOP is dead but real fans know it is not, especially if you frequent this site.
When I first put his latest project in my computer to give it a good listen one song grabbed me and ended up on replay for a couple days. “Kung Fu Chaos” (produced by 2HungryBros) is high energy, motivating and pure so we debuted this video and couldn’t help but laugh at the storyline.
It’s real Hiphop, it’s real fun but with a message.



deep grfDeep of 2HungryBros shot in Studios

REPOST: A3C Hiphop Festival 2012


My flight was nice…cool, calm with no screaming babies even though
I missed the first flight due to extreme partying the night before as I had judged the
Radio Killah Showcase in NJ with the homey Apex of T.I.A.  S/O to Nina Foxx who won!

But needless to say I finessed my way onto the next flight after the next since the first one was full but you get the idea… so the first night in ATL I linked with one of my favorite singer/songwriters
who was in a writing session with a fellow writer for a Top 10 artist
(won’t mention names until it gets placed)

a3c bAnd as real friends do we shared in some spirits as my granny would call em and the night was a success as they laid reference to the track and we caught up on old times as well as talked a little business in between the  super spirits of Svedka and Redbull…
GREAT FIRST NIGHT IN THE A! a3c cNext day was Registration for A3C and I had to link up with Tom to finally meet face to face after  a month of back and forth emails and phonecalls. The lines were a little long but they kept the folks moving as the vendors set up and everyone got their weekend passes to one of the larger Hiphop Music Festivals in the city of Atlanta.
Masquerade was the host and main hub of the Festival which included The Guitar Center Stage, Jakprints Stage, iHiphop Stage, Creative Loafing Stage and the A3C Style and Merch Tables with a few food carts in between.
The first day we took in some panels, shows and ran into Dj Crazy Ass Bazarro and Dj Wayneski  who rocked in the RedBull truck and they definitely brought their A-game! a3c d

SwurvRadio was there in full effect with camera and cards in hand as we introduced ourselves to those willing to listen and pause for a station id drop or interview…

Later on we went to check out our homey Dj Majestic aka Skenny Kravitz at Cloud IX which was a cool spot on Peters St. with great drinks and welcoming staff.

a3c eNext day I caught up with the ladies on the Lipgloss & Sneakers Panel brought to you by StupidDope which included A’fra Butt of MTV, Adrift Da Belle, Monie Love, Nikkiya, Ayara Pommells, Tiffany Hardin and Dj Tyger Lilly. They discussed the challenges and strategies of women in music as well as took some questions. It was a great conversation about where we are in the current state as well as what we can do to help change and continue the legacy of our music contributions professionally and personally.  a3c fI always love going to ATL and having once lived there I have built some great friendships and found some favorite spots including the Busy Bee Cafe which I shared with a new friend who flew down from NJ. Atlanta, GA doesn’t have the buzz it once had but there are still some movers and shakers who aren’t afraid to have a good time and maybe even make a little money in the process. a3c g

There is SOOOO much more but a post can only hold so much, right?

Well I can’t tell you everything but lets just say SwurvRadio was there, Missy B partied, took pics, exchanged business cards and has major plans for next year!!

a3c h

The list of artists who came through the A3C Festival is endless but to mention a few…
Rich Kidz, Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Big Boi, Dutch Rebelle, Illastrate, Wordsmith, Boog Brown, Frenchie, Fred the Godson, Nipsey Hussle, Snow the Product, Trae the Truth, Vado, Killer Mike, Just Blaze, Nappy Roots, Chino XL, Freeway, Raekwon, Rabbit, Gza, Slum Village, Jus Nice, Yelawolf, Tech N9ne, Lyric Jones, Devin the Dude (who killed it), Mikkey Halsted, King Louie, Twista, Odisee, Speakerfoxx, Apollo Brown, Rapsody & Hopsin!!