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New Music: “Queens Cat” by Shirt

Who is SHIRT?
Shirt was born on the Upper West Side and grew up in Queens.
Not much more is known, though it’s quite possible he has a mother and father, a couple of brothers, as well as extended family. Though he’s been spotted at times “smiling with people”, nobody claims to definitively know him. Most, “can’t call it”.
In 2013, the rapper supposedly fucked Rihanna and dropped the “AUTOMATIC” video.
Other things happened also.
At press time, Shirt was said to be on a “luxury barge” “somewhere on the Hudson”. It’s said this is where the rapper does his most inspired writing throughout the New York winter.

New Music: Pat Toussaint “Can You Feel It” featuring Michael Lockett


He calls it luxury rap. He is affiliated. He is from Brooklyn. He is the grandson of Joseph Belezaire, a prominent Pastor in Haiti. He gets recognized in LA.  He has worked with amazing producers such as B.Howard, Omen, The Remedy, Rob Holladay, Christian RIch, Hit-Boy, Top Notch, Vinylz, The Geek Squad, Develop, Fabe, The HeatMakers, The Olympics, Keith Biz Ross, Boola, Rico, Knotch, D&D, Devin Johnson & many more.  WHO IS HE?
He is Patrick Toussaint.


“Cuz through these bars I’m living forever, until it’s all over on my way to superstardom with an angel on my shoulder. They say the sky is the limit, well I say it’s a lie. Cuz tonight we destined to fly.”
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Melt with _M0_

Out of Denmark and performing live in Barcelona at the Sonar International Festival in June is
who yesterday dropped a new mixtape to get the fans warmed up.
So in love with this vibe… this
and then gets me up ROCKIN’
Project on iTUNES now for Download

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You know those nights when you decide last minute to
take a little road trip to see one of your favorites?
Found out the talented and sexy Dj June who is a resident at
in the Tropicana/Atlantic City was spinning the night of her
birthday and the guest DJ was the legendary
Now my “fan” relationship with Clinton Sparks spans over a decade plus.
Coming to NYC since ’98 I, of course, would pick up mixtapes and bring them
back home to Portland, OR to share with my “friends”.
This Boston DJ killed it every time, had the exclusives and was doing it before most.
He brought a style that I would describe as “beast mode” just listen to this intro..

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So for the first time in my Hiphop career I got to see him spin live
and in the true fan form I watched, listened and made a point to tell him “I loved HIM”
while he set the tables on fire. The party-goers at Providence probably didn’t even know
what they were witnessing but I DID and loved every minute. A great venue, great drinks, great service, sexy crowd, amazing light show just to top off the whole night.
Once his set was over I of course made my way to him… couldn’t miss my chance.
I shared my admiration without sounding like a creep and of course confessed to bootleggin’
his mixtapes but hey I bet there are more people in Oregon who know who he is thanks to me.
Something about that time in Hiphop that I really miss.
So to be personally handed a mixtape from someone I use to brag about was the best ending to a great night. (except the fact that the person taking pic didn’t know how to use camera…but I don’t care if I look crazy)
But I can now cross this Dj off my bucket list.
Not that I wouldn’t want to see him again… and again but
such a pleasure to be a fan for a night.
Also found a great interview with him on HHDX from 2006

World Premier of Timeless Music 4 Hosted by Papa Keith & Shifta

Timeless Music 4
Timeless Records releases their 4th installment hosted by Papa Keith & Shifta with sounds, remixes and blends by Dj Bullet Proof, Zeke Don and Dj Epps of the hottest music touching the airwaves. With over 50 tracks of Hiphop, Reggae and R&B they guarantee you will find something new as well as a favorite to play over and over. So plug it up, add to your playlist, put it in the car and turn up your speakers!
It’s Timeless Music Vol. 4

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[Truth] How Easy Mo Bee got his name…

Hip Hop, a name is so important. It represents you.
It should be catchy. It has to sound good. And most of all, it has to look good on paper.
The name “EASY MO BEE” was totally inspired by The Treacherous Three’s KOOL MOE DEE. He was “KOOL” so I opted for the similar adjective “EASY”.
He was “MOE” with an E. So I was like… drop the E on “MOE”.
And he was “DEE” for his last name Dewese. So I switched mine to “BEE” for my family/round-the-way nickname “BOOBIE” and the rest is history.
True story.
easy movee

New Music: Low Leaf ” A Light Within”

Filipino-American vocalist, Low Leaf is a multi-instrumentalist artist based in Los Angeles. On her latest release, “A Light Within”, Low Leaf sings and plays harp discreetly over an unclassifiable wade from longtime L.A. producer King Britt (Digable Planets, De La Soul).

Low Leaf’s next self-produced project AKASHAALAY is due April 29th via Fresh Selects, while Britt is working on his own new LP, Fhloston Paradigm. “A Light Within”, an outtake from the latter, won’t appear on either project, but you can stream it below and download it for free from Bandcamp. (repost from Consequence of Sound)
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New Video: Kaye Fox featuring YP “Used to Love You”

kaye fox apr14
The first single from the EP “Hear I Am” by Kaye Foxx was directed by @leondotcom for @mudwingmedia which shows a relationship that has reached its boiling point due to deception. We have all been there right? Kaye Fox, born in South Carolina moved to the Westside of Chicago as a young child. Like most she found her voice in church choir but didn’t stop there. Linking up with Grammy Award winning producer NO ID and together they built an incredible catalogue of music that made her a sought after commodity not only in Chicago, but all throughout the music industry. As a part of No ID’s production team, Kaye Fox has gained vocal credits on some of the last few year’s top albums from artists such as Kanye West, Rick Ross, Nas, Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), Big Sean, J Cole, & Common. This latest single “Used to Love You” featuring YP was produced by Kaye Fox, Emmaculate, & Shebazz Curtis. Look out for her new EP titled “Hear I Am”, which is set to be released in April. The project is a masterful combination of R&B/Soul and Gospel influenced vocals, organic musicianship, and hard beats that promise energetic performances with her live band. Kaye’s songs are authentic, personal expressions. She has managed to make commercially viable music with genuine heart and soul. Her involvement in the project is comprehensive including songwriting, vocal arrangements, and co-producing the music. Kaye Fox is a rare breed of artist that is able to create visions of complete songs and bring them to life along with her production team. Follow her on Twitter!


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New Music: LUCK ONE – The Curse of the Pharaoh


[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1965849384 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Q & A with your boy with questions from your favorite host Missy B:
Why the “Curse of the Pharaoh” for your title?
When they went to excavate King Tutankhamen the inscription on the tomb read “Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturb the peace of the King” so the idea was when I put out my tape all these rappers were going to die. hahahaha
Born in Morningside Heights, NY but raised in Portland, Oregon you recently chose to move back to NYC, what prompted this? 
One of those things where it’s not about being successful in Portland but being successful for Portland. Being popular in Portland doesn’t afford the objectives I am trying to reach. I am neither defined by where I’m from, nor where I’m at. My goals are transcendent of my origins and my locale.
What’s the biggest difference you noticed immediately between Portland and NYC? 
The women.
What about them?
There are so many fine women, it makes me uncomfortable.
Who did you work with on this album production wise?
I worked with Trox who recently worked with 50 Cent. I worked with Dekk out of Portland who’s been doing work with T.D.E… they are all people who I know and vibed with before.
Why did you release this today? Why now?
It’s been over a year since I released something and I just wanted to get it out. I usually have everything all lined up but this time the process was taking too long. So I just set a date and worked like crazy, it just feels like it’s time to present something new to the fans.
There are 20 tracks on this album… do you have a favorite or a track that is more personal?
The personal track is “HOLD ON” which is about me leaving a lot of bad habits behind… for years I was in a cloud and it was the first track I wrote with a clear mind. It’s a clarity that I hope I have the strength to never surrender again.
What would you say is the overall vibe or style of “Curse of the Pharoah”?
Intelligent Street Music. A broad spectrum of lyrical content and musical soundscapes.
Any last words? Shot outs?
I love my fans.