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Tunji Ige sings “For Us”

Claiming you want change, Give you glam and give you fame. Just a slave with your own chain. Now you made in the game singing, “No Love For Us.”

for-us for-us-2

Tunji Ige’s The Love Project is above all a coming-of-age story, concentrating on Tunji’s life from ages 16 to 19. It’s a meditation on him as a young, black teenager dealing with relationships, rebellion, and the pressure to be cool. “For Us” is the opening song. Tunji says, “‘For Us’ I feel is a critique on the social climate as well as what someone like me has to battle through, being myself, especially with where I’m at. I’m an up-and-coming artist but still a young black kid who could be a victim to the system. ‘For Us’ is the conscience to balance this transition: Do you let it get to your head or do you keep pushing?”

This ill visual was directed by Josh Goldenberg… definitely feeling this one. ~ Missy B

New Music: “Queens Cat” by Shirt

Who is SHIRT?
Shirt was born on the Upper West Side and grew up in Queens.
Not much more is known, though it’s quite possible he has a mother and father, a couple of brothers, as well as extended family. Though he’s been spotted at times “smiling with people”, nobody claims to definitively know him. Most, “can’t call it”.
In 2013, the rapper supposedly fucked Rihanna and dropped the “AUTOMATIC” video.
Other things happened also.
At press time, Shirt was said to be on a “luxury barge” “somewhere on the Hudson”. It’s said this is where the rapper does his most inspired writing throughout the New York winter.

Shots in the Dark by Smif n Wessun feat. Jahdan

Privileged to know these gents and again proud of the message…
“Shots in the Dark” is a smooth gangsta track with a true story laced over a gritty beat.
The family of BUCKTOWN USA just celebrated their 10 Year Anniversary the other night in NYC with an amazing show.
Make sure you follow the movement and continue to

Director: Lisa “Cynical” Smith for Bucktown USA Films
Assistant Director: Jamiyl Campbell
Director of Photography: Gordon Franklin
Camera Operator: Rudolph Carty
Production Assistant: Oveta Clinton
Editor: Darrell A. Yates
Art Director: Phillip Shung
Song produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam

@teksmokeelah | @generalsteele | @ksalaambeatnick | @duckdownmusic

“Tupac Problems” by Maino aka the King of Brooklyn

Maino dropped “Tupac Problems” directed by H.O.O.D. from his K.O.B. project which is available now! So many identified (and still do) with Tupac for his struggles, issues and strive to be human in a system set up with many potholes and cliffs where we have to DAILY chose good from bad. It seems more and more that the problems are becoming bigger and more frequent in these times. Maino is never short on sharing his feelings and emotions. He dedicated this song/video to the late Schriff “ST’ Williams who was murdered in East NY last Oct. To my understanding his murder is still unsolved even though there was surveillance video from the diner near by.
More and more NYC is tired of being “dead” to the music industry so it seems the radio and artists are standing up to take the airwaves back over. Maino had recently tweeted, “Leadership’s not about a title but about a way of doing things.”  The self-proclaimed ‘King of Brooklyn’ does run into the infamous haters and people who beg to differ but @Chase_Luchianosaid, “The only ppl who have a problem with Maino saying he the King of Brooklyn is ppl who ain’t even from Brooklyn.” 
In the video Maino wears the infamous straight jacket that Pac wore on the VIBE Mag cover I believe came out in 1994. I fell in love over time as he ‘stands for something’ which to me is somewhat rare these days, especially in the rap community.

On a side note: 
I am excited to hear what him and @JustinaMusic cooked up the other day in the studio!! 

“Fork in the Road” by Scram Jones

Had the pleasure of running into another one of my favorites last night…
SCRAM JONES aka the “Triple Threat” was smoozing with fellow friends Kool Herc, Jus Blaze & Statik Selektah at one of the dopest hiphop spots in NYC. If you don’t know him yet then I have to ask, “Where have you been?” Reading his bio could be a start or you could just play this dope anitmated video of his latest release “Fork in the Road” directed by Konee Rok!

Cassow wants to get wealthy, do you?

Based out of Portland, Oregon this young hustler who released Cold Winter as well as 3 other mixtapes has taken his savings and opened up a Chicken & Waffle spot with & for his family which I think is super dope! Cassow recently inspired by TRIBE GVNG’s  Let’s Get Wealthy ft. Su Bviley & Cvse, decided to do his own version and brought Felicia Taylor to sing the hook what was a missing element from the original song. I promise you will put it on replay…

#NewMovie – Kung Fu Bum featuring K. Gaines


So I love what I do. I love most people. I love music.
But I love when it all comes together.
Last Sunday on my show Sex & Politics which airs Sunday nights on
I had guest K. Gaines and Deep from 2HungryBros to talk about
Rumspringa: The Wildman Chronicles and the new indie movie
and boy was the interview interesting.
We talked about everything from being independent to K. Gaines journey from the group Sleepwalkas to now and played some dope music videos in the process.

The people with the most creativity are the ones that society looks at as a little crazy or “off” but it’s those that intrigue me the most.  K. Gaines is grounded, genuine and fun… which is a great combo and hard to find amongst todays artists. Most as some say are paper thin but not in this case.  Others say HIPHOP is dead but real fans know it is not, especially if you frequent this site.
When I first put his latest project in my computer to give it a good listen one song grabbed me and ended up on replay for a couple days. “Kung Fu Chaos” (produced by 2HungryBros) is high energy, motivating and pure so we debuted this video and couldn’t help but laugh at the storyline.
It’s real Hiphop, it’s real fun but with a message.



deep grfDeep of 2HungryBros shot in Studios