New Music: LUCK ONE – The Curse of the Pharaoh


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Q & A with your boy with questions from your favorite host Missy B:
Why the “Curse of the Pharaoh” for your title?
When they went to excavate King Tutankhamen the inscription on the tomb read “Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturb the peace of the King” so the idea was when I put out my tape all these rappers were going to die. hahahaha
Born in Morningside Heights, NY but raised in Portland, Oregon you recently chose to move back to NYC, what prompted this? 
One of those things where it’s not about being successful in Portland but being successful for Portland. Being popular in Portland doesn’t afford the objectives I am trying to reach. I am neither defined by where I’m from, nor where I’m at. My goals are transcendent of my origins and my locale.
What’s the biggest difference you noticed immediately between Portland and NYC? 
The women.
What about them?
There are so many fine women, it makes me uncomfortable.
Who did you work with on this album production wise?
I worked with Trox who recently worked with 50 Cent. I worked with Dekk out of Portland who’s been doing work with T.D.E… they are all people who I know and vibed with before.
Why did you release this today? Why now?
It’s been over a year since I released something and I just wanted to get it out. I usually have everything all lined up but this time the process was taking too long. So I just set a date and worked like crazy, it just feels like it’s time to present something new to the fans.
There are 20 tracks on this album… do you have a favorite or a track that is more personal?
The personal track is “HOLD ON” which is about me leaving a lot of bad habits behind… for years I was in a cloud and it was the first track I wrote with a clear mind. It’s a clarity that I hope I have the strength to never surrender again.
What would you say is the overall vibe or style of “Curse of the Pharoah”?
Intelligent Street Music. A broad spectrum of lyrical content and musical soundscapes.
Any last words? Shot outs?
I love my fans.

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