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#NewMovie – Kung Fu Bum featuring K. Gaines


So I love what I do. I love most people. I love music.
But I love when it all comes together.
Last Sunday on my show Sex & Politics which airs Sunday nights on
I had guest K. Gaines and Deep from 2HungryBros to talk about
Rumspringa: The Wildman Chronicles and the new indie movie
and boy was the interview interesting.
We talked about everything from being independent to K. Gaines journey from the group Sleepwalkas to now and played some dope music videos in the process.

The people with the most creativity are the ones that society looks at as a little crazy or “off” but it’s those that intrigue me the most.  K. Gaines is grounded, genuine and fun… which is a great combo and hard to find amongst todays artists. Most as some say are paper thin but not in this case.  Others say HIPHOP is dead but real fans know it is not, especially if you frequent this site.
When I first put his latest project in my computer to give it a good listen one song grabbed me and ended up on replay for a couple days. “Kung Fu Chaos” (produced by 2HungryBros) is high energy, motivating and pure so we debuted this video and couldn’t help but laugh at the storyline.
It’s real Hiphop, it’s real fun but with a message.



deep grfDeep of 2HungryBros shot in LFBTV.com Studios