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REPOST: 11-11-12 Her name was Sandy

So as you all can see there has been limited posts on here…
I had no electricity or internet for a while but I will not complain
as many more have had less. Shot out to my peoples in Coney Island
who lost everything and I am slowly collecting things to give to them.
The time away has given me an opportunity to break away from the regular life
of social networking (even though I still had twitter and IG on my phone, limited) but
with no electricity, no internet and no phone for a few days definitely puts
life into a dark but very eye opening light.
I am so thankful for the little things in life like my daughter, my health and the warmth of a clean shower… come to think of it these are some BIG things.
Above is a photo of Jersey City the night of Sandy before it hit and there was a scary peacefulness in the air. My daughter and I walked the dog that evening and the winds were definitely whipping things up as trees had already started to fall. The park looked almost haunting and it was crazy to see what was lying in the streets, sidewalks and yards as random things took flight. Nature is a beautiful, amazing thing that can be a little intimidating to say the least.
We are but a tiny spot on the planet…
I pray for those who are still going through the after effects from the storm