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New Music: “Queens Cat” by Shirt

Who is SHIRT?
Shirt was born on the Upper West Side and grew up in Queens.
Not much more is known, though it’s quite possible he has a mother and father, a couple of brothers, as well as extended family. Though he’s been spotted at times “smiling with people”, nobody claims to definitively know him. Most, “can’t call it”.
In 2013, the rapper supposedly fucked Rihanna and dropped the “AUTOMATIC” video.
Other things happened also.
At press time, Shirt was said to be on a “luxury barge” “somewhere on the Hudson”. It’s said this is where the rapper does his most inspired writing throughout the New York winter.

New Mixtape by Dreezy “Schizo”

I heard her before but the track “Schizophrenia” pulled me in immediately!
Dreezy, out of Chicago, pours her emotions out this song produced by D. Brooks.
She recently dropped the video directed by @WhoIsHiDef and with her mixtape doing some numbers I highly suggest you give her a minute of your time!

“I’m lost, I need directions, been running from the truth I’m out of breath I need a second, But I just smile like nothing wrong because until I find myself, I’m just a perfect song.”

Cassow wants to get wealthy, do you?

Based out of Portland, Oregon this young hustler who released Cold Winter as well as 3 other mixtapes has taken his savings and opened up a Chicken & Waffle spot with & for his family which I think is super dope! Cassow recently inspired by TRIBE GVNG’s  Let’s Get Wealthy ft. Su Bviley & Cvse, decided to do his own version and brought Felicia Taylor to sing the hook what was a missing element from the original song. I promise you will put it on replay…