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Happy CoCo Day

coco is

is one tough lady who has survived decades in a world
not so friendly but it goes to show if a woman is determined, consistent than

Coco Chanel held the title CHIEF DESIGNER until the day she passed
in 1971 but her road wasn’t always an easy stroll.
When she returned to the fashion world the people of Paris snubbed her due to her ties
as a spy with the Nazi’s (code name was Westminster)
but the British and Americans welcomed her and are still her most loyal customers.
She lived at the Hotel Ritz for almost 30 years… and on her last day
she had took a long drive and went to bed early not feeling well.
But whats admirable about Ms. Coco is she held the same schedule / routine
until she passed at 87 yrs old.



bowJean is becoming even more and more popular and especially
the creative aspects it brings from spikes, chains, bleach and safety pins.
Bowties use to be left just for the lawyers, Ivy League Grads and the occasional nerd until the geeks took over. The geeks have become popular so of course you had to add the flair to the brain powers of the cutting edge fashionistas! These jean bowties have been customized
uniquely and obviously dying for an outfit to match… denimbow



Now that you know I like BOWTIES…
I saw this DIY video by Cool Irpa on how to add a bow to your
jean pockets, which she did on a pair of jeans
from the thrift store…
and you could use any fabric if you wanted to add
a little more than just denim.