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bowJean is becoming even more and more popular and especially
the creative aspects it brings from spikes, chains, bleach and safety pins.
Bowties use to be left just for the lawyers, Ivy League Grads and the occasional nerd until the geeks took over. The geeks have become popular so of course you had to add the flair to the brain powers of the cutting edge fashionistas! These jean bowties have been customized
uniquely and obviously dying for an outfit to match… denimbow



Now that you know I like BOWTIES…
I saw this DIY video by Cool Irpa on how to add a bow to your
jean pockets, which she did on a pair of jeans
from the thrift store…
and you could use any fabric if you wanted to add
a little more than just denim.

Beach is better…

Beach life…
to me is the best life.
Sand, Sun & Surf
Turquoise jewelry matching the smell of coconut from the tanning lotion.
Walking and listening the creation of God as it ebb & flows over the sand grains mixed with shells.
The ocean is deep.
Full of untold and lost stories.
Full of hidden treasure and lies.
“I see elephant tusks on board of a sailing lady docked on the Ivory Coast. My city is in roar, winding down the road… because this water drowned my family, this water makes my blood, this water tells my story, this water knows it all. Go ahead and spill some champagne in the water, go ahead and watch the sun blaze on the waves of the OCEANS.”
Frank Ocean