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Lock, Loaded & Lucky


As women we hold our own
and look good doing it for the most part
BUT there is definitely something
to be said for a woman who is prepared.
Prepared to defend her home, children, man
or stand up for what she believes in.
Women this is a message to
take defense classes, boxing training or
get your gun permit in your city.
There will be a day that any or all of
these things will come in handy!


P.S. this is is NO way a message conveying the
“we don’t need a man” vibe because a real woman
KNOWS that she needs a man whether she wants him or not.
(my opinion of course, this is missy-b.com btw)

Would you ride for me?


In a world full of flighty people
who are afraid of commitments
we all seek one thing…
Someone who is there
through thick & thin
through rain or shine…
is something that Future asks in his new song
Now when you find this lady gentlemen make sure you
HOLD her down
TREAT her right
be eachothers safety net
and remember that somedays will be better than others..



He kisses me on the back of my neck
He waits for me
She caresses the parts that hurt me the most
She makes little sacrifices that make big differences
He shares his pie
He stops what he is doing and assists me
She makes me my favorite treats
She encourages me when I least expect it
He watches me as I put on my makeup
He saves the last piece for me
She looks at me and speaks with her eyes
She lets me be me
He surprises me with my favorite things
He prayed for me when I was doubtful
She reassures me that I am hers
She watches the game with me
He lets me choose where to go
He kisses me on the back of the neck

Sweet Kisses of Dreams


My dreams are not always sweet
but when I wake I think of you and my daydreams
begin to put a special taste in my mouth
Something I can’t put into words but
know that I am thinking of you and
from night time thru the day time
and in between time

Your sweetness covers me like honey
soft, sweet, sticky and everlasting
making sure I am never without
you cover me
you immerse me in your strength with
showers of gifts, hugs and the sweetest kisses ever

never leave
my sweet dream
you are my

~Missy B


tree heart butterfly
“I’ve often thought of the forest as a living cathedral, but this might diminish what it truly is. If I have understood Koyukon teachings, the forest is not merely an expression or representation of sacredness, nor a place to invoke the sacred; the forest is sacredness itself. Nature is not merely created by God; nature is God. Whoever moves within the forest can partake directly of sacredness, experience sacredness with his entire body, breathe sacredness and contain it within himself, drink the sacred water as a living communion, bury his feet in sacredness, touch the living branch and feel the sacredness, open his eyes and witness the burning beauty of sacredness”
― Richard Nelson, The Island Within

Beauty, Magic & Mystery

All that lives of legendary,
Beauty, magic, mystery,
Gentleness and purity,
Dwells in me.
I no mate, no kin, have known;
None may claim me as his own;
One is one, and all alone,
It must be.
Through their weariness and woe
Men have sometimes seen me go,
Felt a wind from Eden blow
Though they hunt with spear and horn,
Knowing life cannot be borne
If they have no unicorn–
I am free.
Though they kill, and weep to see
Beauty’s symbol ended be–
One is one and lives in me
To eternity.
–Nicholas Stuart Gray
photo taken at BurningMan


The chill is there
filling the room
the corners or your smile begin to move
never in my life
did I think that
it would take so little to make me change
but it did
you did
in such a short time the tides have changed
something new
I’m focused now
the cold is turning to warmth and melting
every little piece
of what was hard
~Missy B

blu miss


old laugh

So I saw this photo on FB
and it got me thinking….
How long have these ladies known eachother?
What were they “smoking”?
Do they laugh together everyday?
What has kept them alive and young?
They look happy, what is the driving force behind the smiles?
I can imagine life long lived if you surround yourself with happiness, peace, joy, good friends and I know many say that weed brings people together but if it is tobacco I just don’t see these women living this long. Needless to say, it must be a beautiful thing to be able to smile after it all with a friend knowing that no matter what happens you are ready to embrace it.